Christopher Columbus: The DNA of his writings
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Christopher Columbus: The DNA of his writings

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Each of the five chapters of this well-researched book gives a new forgotten or unknown aspect of Columbus, like for instance his diary, the apparent result of two different authors, Christopher as a poet mixing Spanish, Catalan and Italian. The findings published in this book explain that although he wrote in Castilian it was clearly not his first language and his origins can be pinpointed to the Aragon region because of the grammar and the way he constructed sentences. "He didn't express him correctly in any written language," says Estelle Irizarry. "His Spanish was notoriously incorrect yet at the same time efficient, poetic and eloquent." There is also evidence to suggest that Columbus, who first crossed the Atlantic in 1492, may have adopted his surname later in life to disguise his true origins and another theory claims that he once worked for a pirate called Columbus, and that he adopted that name in order not to embarrass his relations with his new profession. Is it possible Christopher Columbus was in his early years a pirate?

Autor: Estelle Irizarry
Editorial: Ediciones Puerto
Año: 2009
Encuadernación: Rústica
Lenguaje: Inglés
Núm. Páginas: 252
Condición: Nuevo
ISBN: 978-1-934461-71-6

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